We’re enormously proud to welcome you to The Kingspeak Blog.

It’s been a long time coming – but it’s finally here.

As you might have heard, this is the official blog of Kingspeak Journalism Society. Community has been integral to the society from day one, which was the key motivator in the website’s creation.

Essentially, this is a space for you to be you. It’s looking pretty bare at the moment, but we want this page flooded with what inspires you. Whether it be reviews of literature, films or music, or commentaries, retrospectives on artists that have made an impression on you, or even portfolios of your photojournalism, filmography and art. This website is a blank slate waiting to have your stories written on it.

You’ll notice a comments section immediately under each blog post – and that is with good reason. We want to get you guys talking, making connections and collaborating, and hopefully in the process build enduring friendships and working partnerships that will far outlive your three or four year lot at university.

In the side panel, you will find the various pages of the website. If you want to learn more about Kingspeak Journo Soc, and what it is that we do, check out the ‘about us’ page.

For events happening around the University of London Campuses that would be of interest to the journalistically inclined, check out the ‘Events Around Campus’ page. Please like our Facebook page so that we can keep you informed with our own events also.

Oh and the plane, well. The sight’s here and we’re hoping for this thing to take flight (I’m here all week)

If you’ve caught the bug and want to write for us, please shoot any queries our way via [email protected] and we’ll get talking.


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