About Us

Kingspeak Journalism Society was born out of our simple desire to build a community of KCL students with a likeminded interest in journalism. This we hope to achieve in two ways:

The Kingspeak Blog. The website you’re on right at this very minute. Essentially, this is a space for you to be you and we want this page flooded with what inspires you. Whether it be reviews of literature, films or music, or commentaries, retrospectives on artists that have made an impression on you, or even portfolios of your photojournalism, filmography and art. We want to get you guys talking, making connections and collaborating, and hopefully in the process build enduring friendships and working partnerships that will far outlive your three or four year lot at university.


Events: One aspect fundamental to the society is professional journalists into campus, through events, get them talking about their specialties within journalism and what it is they exactly do as part of the job description. We figured that hearing the word from people right at the beating heart of it all would offer us the most candid and authentic an insight into the journalism in the working world.

A huge part of these events is opening out the floor to you – getting you guys to ask the questions. These events will be a great opportunity to find out how these professionals made their first steps into their respective specialties, climbing the ladder from mere graduates to becoming the bona fide journos that they now are. Sports, photojournalism, current affairs, lifestyle, music, fashion- you name it, we’ve got you covered.

In the same vein, there are far too many events cropping up around London that are too cool not to miss. Therefore, we endeavor to shortlist them onto our website and social media also to ensure that you never miss a beat.